Chris Christensen's Hypoallergenic SmartRinse (12 ounce)

Chris Christensen's Hypoallergenic SmartRinse (12 ounce)


Chris Christensen's SmartRinse Hypoallergenic blend grooming conditioner is a mild, fragrance, dye, and silicone free, gentle formula, for canines and felines. Formulated to meet the conditioning needs of all skin and coat types. This unique oil-free formula conditions and moisturizes soothing dry, irritated skin and coat, for a smooth, more manageable feel. Leaves the coat looking fresh, conditioned, healthy and shiny! Dilutes 8:1. Ingredients: Deionized Water, Methocell 40-100/Natrosol 250 HHR CS, Color 1/% Solution, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben USP/NF, Versene 100 XL/EDTA NA4, Apple Cider Vinegar 5% Acidity, Alcholec BS Max: Garner 13, Cetyl Alcohol/Alfor 16? Vergerol, PEG/PPG20/15/SF 188A, Varisoft 432 PPG, Crotein HKP/LC Powder, Escalol 557/Parsol MCX.