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Cascade Grooming Supplies

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Monroe, WA 98272

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Cascade Grooming Supplies started as a Division of the 3-C's Dog Show Supplies in 1997 in Eastern Washington. Several of our manufacturers were pushing harder into the Professional Pet Grooming Industry and we decided to join them. After roughly two years of working with groomers all over Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Northeast Oregon, it was determined during a dinner meeting to work towards moving across the mountains. Several months of planning went into what became Cascade Grooming Supplies and it was created on 15 March 1999 here in Monroe, WA to further enhance our market area.

Here at Cascade, we have always strived to not just sell our products, but to consult with our customers on the newest options as well as what may be the best for them. The hard sales pitch has never been part of our agenda, but to honestly listen to what our customers have to say and what they are looking for, then matching them with the best products for their needs. We currently offer ten shampoo lines, some small and some huge along with two clipper lines that we believe best define the Professional Grooming Industry.

We have a great relationship with our customers. Here's what Kim at Lucky Puppy Dog Grooming thinks about us: "Michael is great to work with. He's always easy to order from and supplies are delivered as expected." Cascade Grooming Supplies does maintain a walk-in store in Monroe for Professional Groomers with display room and pick-up availability. Getting to spend time one on one with our customers is one of the best parts of our job and we look forward to working with YOU!